The Body and the Bride

Uniting the Body and preparing the Bride for the coming of the Bridegroom King

Our Vision

Our vision is to see the Church become united as One, and to embrace her true identity and destiny as His radiant Bride. We want to see her passionately in love with Jesus, fully prepared, without spot or blemish. and looking for the return of Jesus, her Bridegroom King.

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Foundations For Farming
We are pleased to announce a working friendship with the amazing Foundations For Farming based in Zimbabwe

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About The Body and the Bride

What is The Body and the Bride? The Body and the Bride is part of a 'movement of God' which focuses on two urgent and essential needs in the Body of Christ today. 1) The unity and restoration of the much broken and divided Body. This comes about only through repentence for the deep seated competitive and critical attitudes held so frequently the leaders and ministers in His Church. 2) The awakening of the Church to understand and embrace Her Bridal identity and destiny. This is the day of the Bride and we are committed to see the Bride of Christ make herself ready for His coming, the coming of the Bridegroom King

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Team Members

Howard and Tricia Barnes

Howard is the overseer and administrator of this network ministry. He was born in England in 1944 to pastor parents. He is married to Tricia and has two lovely married children and four grandchildren. He was a school teacher and a pastor until 2003 but in 2009 became a team member of Time Out Mission International. Howard has an apostolic ministry and serves the body of Christ with a passion to see the church empowered through unity and bridal awareness. He has many years of missions experience and has a particular prophetic anointing to speak into nations for transformation.

Tricia is a gifted musican and woodwind teacher. She recently retired from the County Music Department in Cornwall, UK after many years of service and now is beginning to explore a ministry in caring for the elderly in her neighbpurhood with a UK organisation called Age Concern. She has been a supportive prayer partner in the ministry that God has given to Howard and looks forward to working closer together with him in The Body and the Bride ministry now that she has retired from teaching. She is a busy and loving grandmother and demonstrates wherever she is and to whomever she meets a generous and loving spirit.

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David and Jill Munby

David and Jill Munby have been leading St Georges Barnsley – a Charismatic, Evangelical Anglican Town Centre church- for over 25 years. During that time David has been seeking to encourage unity in prayer, friendship and mission among church leaders and congregations in Barnsley. He has led a number of conferences in Kenya on spiritual renewal, reconciliation and unity, some with Howard Barnes. In 2004 he was made a canon of Bungoma, Kenya. Jill has also been involved in speaking at conferences in India and Kenya and has been working on a Foundations for Farming project in Barnsley. They have 3 children who are all involved in church leadership, 2 of whom are married and the 3rd recently got engaged. We rejoice that grandchildren have started to arrive. We hope to be able to serve the Lord again in other nations in the future. Go to David's Page Go to Jill's Page

Bill Smith

“I was born and grew up in Liverpool. My parents were Christians and my earliest memories are of the Baptist church we attended. I received Jesus as Lord and Saviour as a 15 year old and soon became conscious of the call of God on my life for specific Christian ministry. This meant my dreams of professional football, treading the boards in the West End as an actor, singer, dancer, or managing a business from behind a large desk, all went out of the window! I went to Bible College in response to this call and became a Pastor within the Baptist denomination. However, mixing with people from different denominations and traditions was something I often found uncomfortable because having grown up in a family with an open Bible I was aware of its teaching about Unity as being high on God’s purposes for His people and it pained me that His Body seemed so divided. Today, I constantly live with a fiery passion for revival in the UK, planted in me as a new believer. I am convinced we will see widespread returning and turning to God in these coming days and that Unity will be part of the work as well as a product of it. Through the difficulties, challenges and what seems like failures in life, I have come to appreciate the grace of Abba Father in growing us, healing us, restoring us and revealing more of His extravagant love for us. This process has accelerated over recent years as He has revealed His heart more and more leading me to see the reality of church as the Bride of Christ Jesus. Oh the magnitude of God’s love, demonstrated in the sacrificial death of Jesus, that brings us into that amazing relationship with Father in which He chooses us as the beloved Bride for His Son, the reward of His suffering. As well as regular teaching and preaching in the UK, my wife and I have ministered in Malta, India and Mozambique, bringing salvation and healing, as well as encouragement to several hundred church leaders. Whilst in Mozambique I was lead to speak about the abundance of God’s provision for us, offered as a banquet in ‘His Banquet House’- a strange topic among the world’s poorest people. This message became the backbone of the book which has recently been published called ‘Feasting on the Father’. It’s a book about Abba Father’s love, about His heart for real unity in His Body, about the Bride, our intimacy with God and so much more. Being associated with The Body and the Bride Network Ministry is such a natural progression for us and our relationship with Howard Barnes, which God has forged over recent years. Our hearts beat with the same longings and burden in God and we are here to support, encourage and help to advance the message of Unity and the Bride across the nation and the nations. One day we will see the Bride in all her glorious beauty as we make ourselves ready for the great wedding to come. To this end we co-labour in His name to see…. His Kingdom come and His will done on the earth as it is in heaven.” For a more detailed version please see Bill’s blog on the website Go to Bill's Page

Latest Members

Avishek B.K. Avishek B.K.
26 Mar 14

I'm Avishek B.K. married and enjoying with one daughter. I have been serving God as being an Elder of Grace church Nepalgunj and doing ministry among youth people and disadvantaged people.

micheal waseem micheal waseem
20 Mar 14


Tariqgill Tariqgill
3 Mar 14

I love the Lord Jesus and seek to serve Him and grow more like Him.

Dennis mogere Dennis mogere
1 Mar 14

Dennis mogere is born again and love Jesus Christ as is personal savior,he serves as a minister of the Gospel and also evangelize in many parts of Kenya,he does leaders conferences,crusades,...

Jan Purves Jan Purves
United Kingdom
27 Feb 14

Jan is 63, married to Mark Purves. Both Jan and Mark Purves are members of the BBN Ministry Team. Jan is a mother of 3, grandmother of 2, retired from administration in the NHS, with more time to...

maltesegirl maltesegirl
United Kingdom
24 Feb 14

Christian at Howard's church who longs to see every nation covered in prayer. I have a special heart and love for the Jewish people. Pleased to connect with people from all nations and to pray.

henok asrat henok asrat
23 Feb 14

i am student of arbaminch universty

simon mburu kamau simon mburu kamau
22 Feb 14


princennams princennams
20 Feb 14

Prince Nnams Kalu, accepted the Lord Jesus Christ into his life in 1978. while in College. His commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ immediately thrust him into leadership, an involvement that...

Gospel Prayer House Gospel Prayer House
17 Feb 14

Doing ministry in Vedaranyam, Tamilnadu, India. Being a pastor to Gospel Prayer House, My vision is to win Vedaranyam for Christ and to build a physical church for Christians living in and around...

babar peter babar peter
16 Feb 14

I am Babar Peter, graduated in Christian Philosophy and had various courses in Theology. I am an apologist and love studying Holy Bible. I am a Musician also and play different instrument related...

Vettrimoon10 Vettrimoon10
13 Feb 14

I am a senior Pastor in Thoothukudi-Nazareth Diocese of Church of south India. It is one of the mainline churches in India, next to the Catholic Church

gulzarminto2003 gulzarminto2003
9 Feb 14

Country Coordinator Effective Christian Life Bible School, Pakistan
Pastor at Church of the Holy Spirit Pak.Peshawar
President Luke Society Pakistan
Pastor at Victory Church...

Trish Barnes Trish Barnes
United Kingdom
4 Feb 14

Tricia is a gifted musican and woodwind teacher. She is married to Howard Barnes, general overseer of this minstry and is a member with him of the BBN Ministry Team. She recently retired from the...

pastor rwagasan evarist pastor rwagasan...
31 Jan 14

Date of Birth: 28th 12 1976
Marital status: Single
i am a born again christian.

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Member Blogs

howard barnes The latest report from Nepal Sunday 23rd February 2014 submitted by Pastor Bishwa Dev Khadka Nepal & Tibet Border

23 Feb 14
 "Proclaiming Christ,Training Peoples, Making Disciples , Raising Godly leaders & Planting...
Bill Smith A personal biography by Bill international ministry team member of The Body and the Bride

13 Jan 14
“I was born and grew up in Liverpool. My parents were Christians and my earliest memories are of...
Bill Smith Faithful God

22 Dec 12
"If you hold on to Me for dear life" says God, "Ill get you out of any trouble, I'll give you the...
Bill Smith Pleasure in the family

1 Dec 12
Hi, This is a section of a chapter  from the new book I am writing. It looks at how Christians...

11 Oct 12
 - 2 Sam. 1 : 25 "Staying up is far more demanding than going up." "Might" does not prevent a...
apostle A White Stone for the Apostle Sam c. Ojukwu from T.O.M. Nigeria on Sunday August 19th, 2012

19 Aug 12
   "To him that overcometh will I give ........a white stone, and in the stone a new name...
Pst Precious c Shedrack DOES GOD LOVES ME

29 Jul 12
As you cry out does God really love me and allow me to suffer,because you feel unable to know God's...
DeborahButt He is my Bridegroom. I am His Bride by Deborah Butt TOM Friend UK Written 2011 -2012

24 May 12
    In January of 2011, I journalled a few prophetic thoughts that Holy Spirit had me...
Globalfaithcoalition THE MAN GOD USES!!!

2 May 12
And he goeth up into a mountain, and calleth unto him whom he would: and they came unto him. And he...
howard barnes ‘Walking with God’ ....."And Enoch walked with God and was not"...Gen 5 v 24

23 Apr 12
Introductory statement Enoch, the God pleaser extraordinary! Enoch was a man who walked so closely...

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Word for the Week

A Vision of the Bride

18 Apr 14
Dear friends,  I hope that you enjoyed the Easter message sent out as a Word for the Week just now. Here is a bonus! I have just received this from The Elijah List and thought that you would like it too. It is a vision that Victoria Boyson had again recently about The Bride. The Lord was reminding Her and us that time is short and that..... THIS IS WHERE WE ARE the eternal programme of God. May we be prepared as the Bride!   Victoria write......"Beloved, I shared this vision with you several years ago and also in my book, His Passionate Pursuit, but on a more ...

Word for the Week Posts

A Vision of the Bride
18 Apr 14
Dear friends,  I hope that you enjoyed the Easter message sent out as a Word for the Week just now. Here is a bonus! I have just received this from The Elijah List and thought that you would...
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18 Apr 14
  Dear brother and sisters in Christ A VERY HAPPY EASTER TO YOU ALL! For our Word for the Week this special week I am blessed to be able to use this message by Pastor Jagede  Sunday E. who...
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God's Restoration Army
2 Apr 14
"So David inquired of the Lord, saying, "Shall I pursue this troop? Shall I overtake them?" And He answered him, "Pursue, for you shall surely overtake them and without fail recover all.(1Samuel 30 v...
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The manifestation of the Bride of Christ
31 Mar 14
Dear brothers and sisters I will be sending out an extra Word for the Week tomorrow for those of you who cannot easily download links to the internet because, this week, I want to direct you to Sid...
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Marriage isn't for me!
18 Mar 14
Recently I read an article in which a young married man was sharing that he had come to the conclusion that ...."Marriage was not for Him!" This is what he wrote.   "........Having been married...
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We are experiencing today, in our time, an amazing movement of Christian Unity
26 Feb 14
Dear Friends of the Body and the Bride,  I wonder if you would kindly watch this 20 minute video, it is cut straight into the speaker who is an Anglican Bishop called Tony Palmer a good...
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We are the Bride of Christ - How do we prepare? Submitted by Rev David Munby, Minister at St Georges Barnsley in the UK on Sun, 23/02/2014
25 Feb 14
Dear BBN Friends  around the world. Can I introduce one of our BBN Ministry Team members, the Rev David Munby, minister of St Georges Anglican Church in Barnsley, England. Here David shares with...
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A Prophetic Word from the Lord for us today by Bill Smith (one of our BBN Team Members)
22 Feb 14
Dear BBN Friends,Greetings and multiple blessings to you all from myself, Bill and my wife Susanna. The Lord has given me these two words this week.......Jealous and Separate This what He said to me...
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A powerful picture of the Bride of Teresa Wiggins (USA)
20 Feb 14
Dear brothers and sisters and friends of The Body and the Bride, I have just recieved this wonderful word from our dear sister Teresa Wiggins of the USA which the Lord gave her. It powerfully reminds...
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The 'Rest' that He has provided for us, but which often seems so allusive.
8 Feb 14
  “Rest in the LORD, and wait patiently for Him; Do not fret because of him who prospers in his way, Because of the man who brings wicked schemes to pass.” (Psalms 37:7 NKJV) "There is yet a...
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